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terms of service

  • Listed rates are subject to change depending on several factors, such as project complexity, if the project will be commercial/monetized, and rushed commissions.

  • All revision requests should be as concise and thorough as possible. If excessive revisions are requested due to lack of effective communication additional charges may occur.

  • Payments are PayPal only. I will send an invoice for the commission with all services listed. DO NOT send me money for a commission in any way that is not in response to an invoice that has been sent by me.

  • Services are non-refundable once payment has been completed

  • I reserve the right to decline any commission at any point before the relevant invoice is sent

  • Commissioners are entitled to .wav renders of final masters, acapellas, and instrumentals of projects. Any requests for additional renders (stems, stage edits, etc.) may be subject to additional fees or denied outright.

  • Completed works are only guaranteed to be held for 3 months. After this period I cannot guarantee that I will still have access to any relevant files. If you need a longer timeframe please let me know

  • I reserve commercial and personal use rights to projects unless otherwise agreed upon.

  • I must be properly credited for all rendered services. (Linking to any of my forms of contact @pipaerys is greatly appreciated!)

  • All commissions are subject to these terms and guidelines regardless of client awareness or inquiry origin.

file submission guidelines

  • Audio files must be delivered to me in 24-bit .wav format at any sample rate from 44.1kHz up.

  • All overlapping recordings must be on separate files

  • Submitted vocals that aren't reasonably on-time or in-tune may be declined or incur additional charges

  • Vocal recordings must not be damaged and must be completely raw (this includes no distortion, clipping, heavy artifacts, or vocals with effects on them such as equalizers, compressors, reverb etc)

  • Please try your best to provide recordings with minimal background noise (room reverb, computer fans, dogs barking, etc)

  • Please try your best to provide high quality instrumentals. (this means avoiding youtube rips)

  • Any submitted files will be assumed to be final

  • I may ask for retakes or decline a commission if any of the above guidelines are not followed.

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